Community Risk Reduction

Breast Cancer Awareness Group Photo with Banner Cares Enough to Wear PinkThe Brooksville Fire Department is committed to Community Risk Reduction (CRR). Fire departments around the country are beginning to change the way they address community safety. Modern fire departments exist not only to respond to and mitigate emergencies but also to act as their community's primary risk reduction entity. In the fire service, this new approach to community safety and prevention has been termed "Community Risk Reduction."

In a fire service context, it means that the fire department exists not only to respond to emergencies after the fact but to prevent or reduce the effects of their occurrence in the first place. It means the fire service will (and should) act proactively as a risk reduction entity for the community. As a result, BFD has already adopted some prevention/awareness programs that we are actively supporting and promoting.

These programs currently are:

  • Firefighter Cancer
  • Elderly Fall Prevention
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Suicide Prevention Program
  • Campaign against Drinking and Driving
  • Campaign against Driving and Texting
  • Drowning Prevention Program
  • Drug Prevention Program