Emergency Operations

The Emergency Operations Division of the Fire Department handles all of the comprehensive emergencies within the City of Brooksville and the surrounding areas. This division of the fire department consists of highly trained and certified personnel that are ready and equipped to respond when called upon. The emergencies that are responded to include but are not limited to structural fires, vehicle fires, wildland fires, motor vehicle accidents, various emergency medical calls, hazardous materials incidents, gas leaks, vehicle extrication, structural collapse, and high angle rescue, and confined space rescue.

This Division consists of a District Chief who is assigned to 24/7/365 Incident Command. BFD always has a Chief officer that can respond. The Incident Command System is utilized from the time we leave the fire station until the time we return. This provides the organizational structure to assure that all personnel and equipment resources are applied in a safe and effective manner. Proper communication and the utilization of both internal and external resources are managed at this operational level of the incident.

Each shift also has a Fire Captain that reports directly to the District Chief to provide the needed oversight and supervision of the field personnel. In all incidents, the Fire Captain, assures that the necessary tasks are being accomplished in a safe and timely manner.

A driver engineer that is specifically trained and certified to operate the fire apparatus and pumps is also assigned to each shift. They are responsible for ensuring that all personnel get to the incident scene quickly and safely. Once on scene they make the necessary water supply connections and use hydraulic calculations to assure proper water flow and nozzle pressure.

In addition to these key positions, each shift has a complement of firefighters that perform the required fieldwork, depending on the nature of the call. These trained personnel have the knowledge, skill, and ability to handle all facets of the actual hands-on emergency operations.