Public Works

The Department of Public Works consists of a number of divisions that provide a broad range of services to the public, including:

Streets & Drainage

The City Streets and Drainage Department are made up of a dedicated and hardworking group of five full-time staff. Their goal is to keep City streets, byways, walkways, and all other traveled areas safe and in good repair while maintaining the City's history and small-town charm. This includes keeping roadside ditches and swales maintained, allowing stormwater to flow freely. Trimming trees, maintaining street signs and traffic signals along with traffic control are just some of the daily activities of Streets and Drainage staff.

Organizations and individuals that want to plan events within the City limits of Brooksville, where the closure of a street or streets will be necessary for the event are required to complete a street closure application.

View the Street Closure Permit Application (PDF)

Fleet Maintenance

Maintains all City work vehicles and equipment; Utilization of vendors for vehicle repair, if necessary; Implementation and carry-through of a preventive maintenance program for City vehicles and equipment.


Responsible for all phases of maintenance, repair modification, security, and the cleaning of city buildings and facilities. Evaluation and function testing for emergency equipment of all city buildings and facilities.