Smoke Alarm Program


A home fire impacts the life of an American family every 85 seconds. The simple act of having a working smoke alarm in the home can double a family’s chances of surviving a fire. On average, nearly three children die each day in home fires. Overall, roughly eighty percent of home fire deaths in this country occur in homes without working smoke alarms.

Brooksville Fire Departments Smoke Detector program offers free smoke alarms, and their installation, to any homeowner residing within the City of Brooksville. City residents may request a smoke alarm by completing the form below or visiting Brooksville Fire Department's administrative office. Fire Administration is located at 85 Veterans Ave and is open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

This program has been funded in part by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) FY 2020 Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Program (FP&S).

If you reside inside the city limits and would like to schedule a smoke alarm installation, please complete the form below.

Smoke Alarm Request

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