Risk Management

The City of Brooksville is diligent about the prevention and reduction of Employee-related injuries. A "better than zero" approach is taken to incidents, meaning we practice preventative measures to ensure our employees work in a safe environment. At times, injuries do happen so if you are injured during work hours, you must notify your supervisor immediately and HR needs to be notified within 24 hours. View the First Report of Injury or Illness (PDF) for all work-related injuries and other important documents on the Forms and Documents Page. 

The City of Brooksville's Health and Safety Committee is committed to promoting safety and prevention of accidents.  Employees are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and make sure "Everyone Goes Home".  Just remember the ABC's...Always Be Careful!

 If you are a City of Brooksville Employee who has witnessed an unsafe workspace condition such as uneven sidewalks, high hedges, etc. please complete an Accident Prevention Form located at:  https://fl-brooksville.civicplus.com/FormCenter/Human-Resources-12/Accident-Prevention-Form-82