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Pursuant to the Community Redevelopment Act of 1969 and contained in Florida Statutes, Chapters 163 and 189, the City of Brooksville formally established a Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) in its downtown on June 7, 1999. The CRA is approximately 104 acres in size and includes properties that front along Main Street, Liberty Street, Broad Street, Jefferson Street, Fort Dade Avenue and Saxon Avenue. The Brooksville City Council, sitting as the Community Redevelopment Agency, adopted a Community Redevelopment Plan.

City Council Members sit as the CRA Board Members.

Brooksville CRA Plan UPDATED

Current Community Redevelopment Plan

City of Brooksville's Community Redevelopment Area Map


More of the city is going to be revitalized. The Community Redevelopment Area is being expanded to include additional properties in and around the Downtown. 


The City’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) establishes special districts in the city with the goal of increasing property values through targeted revitalization efforts. Revenues collected from the increase in property values are used to fund the tools and resources needed for future redevelopment projects within the targeted area. More jobs and area establishments, such as restaurants and retail shops are a result of CRA activity.


Project website:

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CRA Annual Reports:                                        CRA Budget:

Fiscal Year 2021/2022
Fiscal Year 2020/2021                                                                           2021/2022
Fiscal Year 2019/2020                                                                           2022/2023
Fiscal Year 2018/2019                                                                           2023/2024
Fiscal Year 2017/2018
Fiscal Year 2016/2017
Fiscal Year 2015/2016

Property Improvement Matching Grant Program

Approved projects are eligible to receive a one-to-one dollar match with a maximum grant of $20,000.00 awarded to any property. For example, if a proposed project's costs totaled $30,000.00, the applicant could be eligible for a $15,000.00 grant award should the project meet the required guidelines. All disbursements of grant funds are made following completion and final inspection of the improvement project. The Executive Review Committee makes recommendations to the CRA to award funds to applicants of this program.

Please refer to the 2022 Grant Application Guidelines prior to submitting an application.

CRA Property Improvement Matching Grant Application.

Before & After Property Improvement Grant Pictures 


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