Charter Review Committee


Pursuant to Article VI - General Provisions, Section 6.08 of the Charter, "Effective following the Charter Review Process in 2000, and every six years thereafter, at the first regularly scheduled Council meeting in January, the Council shall appoint a committee of not less than seven members who shall review the Charter. The Charter Review Committee shall report to the Council no later than the first regularly scheduled Council Meeting in May of their review year. 

That Charter Review committee shall include, but not be limited to, the following: 

1. Whether or not the Charter needs revision. 
2. If the report states that the Charter needs revision, the report shall state specifically what revisions need to be made.

If a Charter revision is recommended by the Charter Review Committee, the Council, no later than the first regularly scheduled meeting in May of the review year, shall by a majority vote of the entire Council, determine whether or not to submit a revised Charter for a referendum vote at the next scheduled election or a special election called for that purpose.

  1. Jennifer J. Battista, CMC

    City Clerk & Custodian of Public Records